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Customising Your Personalised Pens To Fit In With Your Corporate Identity

Personalised pens are available in many styles and designs. Every business is different, and that is why each business requires a promotional pens that is customised to fit in with its branding.

Businesses tend to have a colour scheme, made up of specific colours. Certain ranges of personalised pens are available in custom colours. These can often be pantone matched during the manufacturing process. However, to get customisation at this level you will usually need to order a minimum quantity that is higher than your average pen order. The effects that this additional personalisation will have on your marketing campaign though will be exceptional. In business it's all about giving the right image. If your promotional pens portray the correct image then this will have a positive impact on your business and sales.

The most common option when matching the corporate branding of your pens to your organisation is the print colour. Providing a pen can be printed, you can always pantone match the print colour to match that of your corporate identity or logo. This will often be more than one colour, which in turn will be more costly but the end result will be better.

The style of your pen is also important. Cheap and cheerful pens are ideal in many cases but if you have a prestigious company, that offers a premium service or product then you may want to think about purchasing a personalised pen that is a little more upmarket.

Remember, whatever you buy for your company to give away to prospective clients, will reflect on you, your businesses and the products and services you offer. So, when choosing your personalised pens, give plenty of thought to it and make sure you make the right choice as it will have a dramatic impact on your marketing campaign.

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